Castor Oil Body Wraps

Castor Oil Body Wraps

Castor Oil Body Wraps – In this age, we feel like it’s impossible to miss out on valuable pieces of information that may benefit us. But that’s not the case, because some important things just find a way to slip through the cracks.

Until recently, I never heard of anything called caster oil. With that, it’s natural that I wasn’t cognizant with castor oil body wraps either. This blatant ignorance of a valuable information spurred me to write this article. An internet savvy, I imagine there are people who don’t know caster oil, and that it has invaluable elements that may be beneficial to their lives.

That said. Let’s start from the very beginning.

What’s A Body Wrap?

A reasonable stronghold to start from is to establish what a body wrap means. What most people expect to have at the spa is just relaxation. But there are other life-changing treatments beyond relaxation that you can enjoy, and body wrap is one. Because it’s a head-to-toe treatment, you can say it’s very indulgent.

Body wrap is a straightforward phenomenon that you may have suggested from the name. It’s much like wrapping your body on a winter night with a towel or your bedsheets to prevent freezing to death. Only that in the sense that we’re talking about here, a treated bandage and substance are used to wrap you for usually an hour, instead of your bedsheets. Also, you’re not afraid of cold but body toxins.

Some popular used substances in body wraps are seaweed, mud, and creams/oils. You can expect different outcomes from the body wrap, depending on the particular substance being used for you.

Some of the outcomes include nourishing the skin, skin detoxification and firming, smoothing, body compression, and slimming. In the case of body compression, your limbs are wrapped in a bandage made wet with mineral solution. The purpose of this treatment is to detoxify and remineralize your body.

What’s Castor Oil?

Although the origin of the word castor is controversial, the way it’s extracted is not. It is a liquid with no definite color except a leaning to very pale yellow. Being extracted from castor beans gives it a peculiar odor and taste. Aside its benefits which we will explain in details in the following paragraphs, castor oil is added and used in the making of countless products. Notable among these products are: paints, dyes, pharmaceuticals, cold-resistant plastics, coatings, soaps, lubricants, and because of it’s distinct odor, perfume, among others. Because of its variety of uses, it’s estimated that 600-800 million pounds of castor oil are produced annually.

What Are Its Benefits And Uses?

When I ran a search on Google and realized that castor oil has been around for a significant amount of time in history (for centuries!), I felt dumb. How could I have been so ignorant of this pale yellow liquid and its rich history. When I saw the benefits and how widely it’s been used by folk healers and healthcare providers, I felt dumber.

It’s just so rich in benefits and it was said that the Egyptians were the first to have unlocked this jackpot. Even Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, didn’t see the oil unfit to be found in her kingdom. Instead, she used it to brighten the whites of her eyes, which tells you more about its all-round benefits. Castor oil was used in Egypt as lamp fuel before it was used as medicine and beauty treatment. Who knows, maybe Cleopatra imagined that by applying it to her eyes, it’d brighten and illuminate like the lamp.

Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil – Big 32 fl oz Bottle

You can testify to the benefits of castor oil by the various ways its used. Its uses range from treating various skin conditions like acne, stretch marks, and wrinkles. It’s also used to increase the health of hair, to heal dry heels and ringworms among many other topical usages. You can also use it orally as it is a traditional remedy for constipation and for cleaning out the intestine in cases of preparation before surgery.

Castor Oil Body Wraps For Weight Loss

One of the most pressing and deadly disorders with which the modern world is fraught is body image. People, especially women, are judged based on their body. It’s a result of the media portraying –and glorifying!– the ideal body of celebrities, models, and dancers, and young individuals are the most at risk to suffer from it as they’re judged with this metric. This judgmental view, mostly of the female gender, results in women themselves incorporating this view and letting the fear push them into exhibiting fatal behaviors like suicide or harmful ones like purging.

Although statistics show it’s prevalent among women (ten times among females than men), men are also battling with this disorder and find themselves trying to tackle it in harmful ways. The scientific name for this disorder is called anorexia nervosa. Unlike anorexia bulimia which is characterized by binge-eating, nervosa is the fear of gaining weight and a salient preoccupation with losing it. While women engage in starving themselves and purging, most men engage in excessive exercise.

Causes of this disorder are various but notable among them is sociological. Treatments include medicine, therapy, and diet, all of which address three main areas of the disorder: restoration of healthy weight; treatment of related psychological disorders; eliminating or reducing thoughts that led to it.

Castor Oil Body Wraps For Belly Wrap

Because most cases of anorexia are sociological, we can feel like treating every weight gain as a disorder and thus hide from utilizing available treatment interventions. But the truth is, some people need to shed some weight for their health and there are ways to do that. This is where castor oil, with all its benefits, comes handy.

Castor Oil For Belly Wrap

Instead of intervening with harmful ways like starvation or purging, you can use castor oil for weight loss by getting castor oil body wraps. Castor is rich of ricinoleic acid, targeting the lymphatic system of your body. If it’s important to you to shed some weight, castor oil body wraps will be an ideal intervention as it’ll help increase the production of lymphocytes in your body. Lymphocytes are the soldiers that fight off diseases like metabolical wastes and built-up proteins from your body and help in getting a healthy body.


In conclusion, we’ve clearly outlined the history and benefits of castor oil. We’ve also suggested castor oil body wraps as an ideal treatment for weight loss. If you have questions concerning anything discussed in the article, drop them in the comment section below and we’ll respond to them.